We work with you to give your event goers the best experience ever.

We developed a successful process that removes all of your apparel risks and adds money to your bottom line. Here is our process:


Please fill out this form or email us and an EVNT Apparel team member will contact you within 24 business hours. We will discuss the following during our initial call: 

  • Event details

  • Goals and objectives 

  • Partnership agreement 

  • Next steps 


Our design team will work with you to design the perfect apparel for your event. With our complimentary design services, our team will help you determine the following: 

  • Logo direction (view designs)

  • Design style 

  • Colors and fonts

  • Apparel selection

#3 - HOST


A team of EVNT Apparel team members will arrive early and prepare to give your attendees a memorable experience. The EVNT Apparel team will provide a variety of apparel colors, styles, and sizes. We will work with your team on the following to make sure all is ready: 

  • Booth location 

  • Power source

  • Property rules

  • Payment details (cash, debit, and credit cards accepted)

EVNT Apparel is licensed and insured.

$4 - GIVE

After a successful event, we will review all the details and then send you a percentage of sales. We give our partners a percentage of sales because we believe in their future growth. 


We believe your experience with EVNT Apparel will be such a success that you will want to work with us again and again.

Don’t wait. Due to demand our event calendar fills up quickly. Click the button below and we will schedule an informational call.