EVNT Apparel is your one-stop shop for event apparel.

Tim Peters -  Owner and Operator

Tim Peters - Owner and Operator

Many organizations rely on event apparel sales to fund their event and provide cashflow to support day-to-day operations. EVNT Apparel helps you maximize apparel sales by streamlining the entire process. We design your event logo and branding. We print custom on-site apparel at your event. We manage leftover inventory, and we give your organization a percentage of sales to further your growth. 

EVNT Apparel removes all the guesswork out of selling event apparel. Here are a few benefits by partnering with us:

  • Risk-free partnership with EVNT Apparel

  • Turn-key operations for your organization 

  • Memorable and fun experience for event attendees 

  • Complimentary logo and branding for your event

  • No leftover inventory to manage 

  • Trained professionals overseeing the entire purchase process

  • Increase your event exposure and brand with apparel 

  • Licensed and insured

We provide quality custom apparel for the following types of events:

  • Endurance races 

  • Wedding celebrations

  • Birthday parties 

  • Family reunions

  • Any other memorable function or event

  • Athletic tournaments

  • Community events

  • Trade shows

  • Live concerts

  • School events

  • Corporate functions

Whether it is a local, state, regional, or national event, we will customize your event to suit the needs of your organization. EVNT Apparel works to give your attendees a special memory with a lasting impression.